Displaced Persons -

Kapfenberg DP Camp in Austria

Kapfenberg in Northern Styria on Mürz River, UNRRA team 328; Jews

    Archives: Stadtgemeinde (Municipality) Kapfenberg
    Koloman-Wallisch-Platz 1
    A 8605 Kapfenberg
    Tel: 0043 3862 22501-0
    Email: gde@kapfenberg.steiermark.at
    (diverse DP camps also "Kapfenberg III - Schirmitzbühel), Address supplied by Herta.

    "While we were in Lauchheim it was inhabited by many homeless Germans and quite a few displaced people from other countries (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, - even Greece) - a total of about 1000 lived there. " WORLD WAR II by DALE A. BRYHAN

    Current web site of the city of Kapfenberg

    From USHMN, a Jewish web page: "A DP camp in the Steiermark district, in the British occupied zone of Austria. In fall of 1945 the camp housed approximately 600 Jewish DPs. The accommodations consisted of wooden barracks typical of such camps. Due to the British plan to use the camp as a transient center, the occupiers transferred the Jewish DPs to an all-Jewish camp: Trofaiach."

Photos submitted by Klaus Fohringer klaus.fohringer@aon.at   Click to enlarge
Kapfenberg site map


Map of Kapfenberg I,

MG Pötschach,


Photo credit: Steiber


Dr. Gabriela Stieber BookDr. Stieber's book: Nachkriegsflüchtlinge in Kärnten und der Steiermark Potschach
(The Refugees After WW2 at Carinthia and Styria), 1997. I translated the legend; hopefully, in a proper way:

Kindergarden in Camp Kapfenberg 1

Bild 20: Kindergartengruppe im Lager Kapfenberg 1.
Photo credit: Steiber

Photo 20: Kindergarden children's group in Camp Kapfenberg 1


Corpus Christi procession

Bild 16: Fronleichnamsprozession vom Lager Kapfenberg 3
in das Lager Kapfenberg 1. Photo credit: Steiber

Photo 16: Corpus Cristi procession from Kapfenberg camp 3
to Kapfenberg 1



FL Kapfenberg 2 Wohnsiedlung

K. G. Hafendorf


FL Kapfenberg 9

Photo 9: Lager Kapfenberg 2, circa 1950

Photo credit: Steiber


Kapfenberg 2 circa 1960

Photo 10: Lager Kapfenberg 2, circa 1960

Photo credit: Steiber



Barracks repair

Bild 12: Barackenreparatur im Lager Kaptenberg 2
Photo 12: Barrack repair in Lager Kaptenberg 2

Photo credit: Steiber

Kapfenberg camp 3 Schirmitzbuhel map


FL barracks Kapfenberg 2

Bild 11: Umbauarbeiten im Lager Kapfenberg 3

Photo 11: Remodeling in Camp Kapfenberg 3

Photo credit: Steiber



Email Emails from those who want to stay intouch

Sun, Jul 19, 2020
For some years now I have been looking at your website and it has been really helpful to me. You have done a massive job.

I am writing to you as I have just completed a new website which has a lot of photos, reports and information on 5 Displaced Persons Camps, collected by my mother, Clare McMurray/Wositzky.

In 1948-51, my mother worked in several camps in Austria and Trieste and brought with her to Australia photographs, monthly reports, refugee art and handcraft. I decided that it would be wonderful if this material was accessible to the people or their families who were in the camps at the time - hence I have just put it all on a website.

The camps mum worked in Austria were Eisenerz, Kapfenburg, Reid Rehabilitation Centre, and the YMCA Simmer Camp program in Waiern and Ebanesse. She also worked in Trieste - in San Sabba, Opincina and Gesuiti. The website has a lot of material from all of these camps.

The link is www.displacedpersoncampcollection.org

Thanking you, Katherine Wositzky katherine.w@optusnet.com.au

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