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Netherlands netherlands flag

    National Archives of Netherlands


National Archives of Norway
English version:

    Polish Archives for birth records & Polish army records.

Lisbon became the center for tens of thousands of refugees from Central Europe, the Low Countries, and France.  Although Portugal sought in 1940 to halt the entry of refugees and the issuance of visas for them, many Portuguese disregarded their government's policies.  Aristides de Sousa Mendes, a Portuguese diplomat in Bordeau, France, disobeyed his government's orders and issued 10,000 visas before he was recalled and dismissed. During 1941 and 1942 the Portuguese Government allowed 5,000 refugees to pass through Portugal to the United States.

General Records 1936-1945, 1950-1952 (Entry 3126)

Portuguese National Archives
The national archives (Arquivos Nacionais Torre do Tombo) are the home to the PIDE/DGS (secret police), Salazar and Interior Ministry files.

Arquivos Nacionais Torre do Tombo
Alameda da Universidade
1600 Lisboa
Tel.: 7937212; 7937221
Fax: 7937230

Centro Nacional de Cultura
Rua A.M. Cardoso, 68
1200 Lisboa
Tel.: 3466722; 3423829
Fax: 3428250

Cinemateca Portuguesa
Rua Barata Salgueiro, 39
1200 Lisboa
Tel.: 546279; 547509
Fax: 3523180

Instituto Português da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro
Rua Ocidental ao Campo Grande 83
1700 Lisboa
Tel.: 7950130
Fax: 7933607

Instituto Camões
Praça do Principe Real, 14-1°
P-1200 Lisboa
Tel.: 351 (1) 346 45 08
Fax: 351 (1) 347 20 49

Instituto Portugues da Arte Cinematográfica e do Audiovisual
Rua de S. Pedro de Alcântara, 45, 1o
1200 Lisboa
Tel.: 3462051; 3468485
Fax: 3472777

Instituto Português de Museus
Palácio Nacional da Ajuda
Calçada da Ajuda
1300 Lisboa
Tel.: 3647213; 3646926

Instituto Portugues do Património Arquitectónico e Arqueológico
Palácio Nacional da Ajuda
Calçada da Ajuda
1300 Lisboa
Tel.: 3646926; 3647087
Fax: 3637047

Romania Romanian archives:

Russia russian flag

    Ukrainians in Russia Brama links

    Mikhail Kroutikhin's long list of researching Russian roots

    ArcheoBiblioBase Russian Archives

    International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam's guide to the Russian archives

    University of Toronto guide to Russian archives

    Russian archive links provided Olga E. Glagoleva, Ph.D.
    Center for Russian and East European Studies, University of Toronto

    Moscow Library Association
    The All-Union State Library of Foreign Literature
    Uljanovskaja Street 1
    103031 Moskau
    Tel. or Fax 007/095/925-6018

    Russian Federation of Library Associations
    öffentliche Historische Bibliothek Russlands
    Starosatzki per. 9a
    101000 Moskau
    Tel. 007/095/202 4056 Fax 007/095/200 2255

    Russian Federation of Library Societies and Associations
    State Historical Library
    Starosadski #9
    101000 Moskau

    Russian Library Association
    ul. Sadovaja, 18
    191069 St. Petersburg
    Tel. u. Fax 007/812/110 5861 E-mail:

Slovakia slovakia flagis not the same as Slovenia. Slovakia is under the Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland and Czech republic.
Slovenia is south west of Slovakia.

Slovakia - In Slovakia the National archive

Slovak National Museum
Museum of Ukrainian-Ruthenian Culture in Svidnik
ul. Centrana 258, 089 01 Svidnik
phone: +421-54 / 7882 100, 101, 102
fax: +421-54 / 7882 102

Slovenia Slovenia flag

    Ministry of Culture in Slovak Republic
    Adresa: Nam. SNP 33.
    813 31 Bratislava
    Slovenska republika

    Tel.: 00421 2 59391 155
    Fax: 00421 2 5939 1174

    Slovenia on map:,17.53418&spn=24.69487,39.506836&sll=46.528635,17.314453&sspn=12.532882,19.753418&t=h&hnear=Slovenia&z=5

    Sweden Switzerland flag
      Archives, Riksarkivet, Stockholm:
      English version:


      Information about prisoners of war may be received from the Central Tracing Office (formerly Central Office for Prisoners Of War) of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva:
        Comité international de la Croix-Rouge
        GEN / ARCH
        19, avenue de la Paix
        CH-1202 Genève Switzerland

      United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees (UNHCR)
      Palais des Nations
      CH - 1202 GENEVE 10

      UN Refugee Agency -

      Zürich city archives - Stadtarchiv

      St. Gallen city archives - Stadtarchiv

    UkraineUkrainian flag
      State Committee on Archives of Ukraine
      24 Solom'ianska St. Kyiv 03110 Ukraine
      Tel.: (380 44) 275-2777
      Fax: (380 44) 275-3655

      English website:"You can write to the archives in Ukraine in English language. If the local registry office (RAHS) has the documents that you need not many of them will respond to letters seeking information for genealogical purposes. They will respond to an AHKETA (form) that is sent to them via the Consulate of Ukraine. RAHS documents are not open to the public. If you have relatives in Ukraine, they can approach the RAHS, and also a local researcher can access RAHS if the researcher can develop insider connections (grease the wheel).TsDIAL is the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in L'viv.
      RAHS is Reyestratsiya aktiv hromadians'koho stanu ("registry office").

      Diana Peltz email:
      I hear her archives is closing for an indefinite period of time so maybe they cancelled e-mail.


    Subject: How to find your Ukrainian roots Ukrainian: Where to find information - in the world
    10 useful links

      Head Branch State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine Ihor Kulyk and associate Institute of Media Games kindle reveal the secrets of a successful search of reliable information about family roots that can benefit every Ukrainian.

      Find gentry roots, learn about the fate of repressed relatives or just interested in the family history - motivation to dive into the archives for the average Ukrainian can be very different. Today, data on relatives who were persecuted much easier to obtain after the adoption of the law on access to public information. Experts told the site , that when searching for information can help both official institutions and unofficial sources from the Internet. And the results can lead to very unexpected conclusions.

      Lavrentiy Krupniak

      Bohdan Yurkiv: "UkeSource" - we locate villages free & follow up your ancestory.

      Office: Hrabovskoho St.
      Sambir, Lvivska Oblast.
      81400 Ukraine
      Tel: +380 6767 37267 (Ukrainian communication only)
      Tel: +61 42204 5433 (Ukrainian & English communication)
      Fax: +61 39459 6454 (Ukrainian & English communication)

      State Archive of Transcarpathian Oblast
      Derzhavnyi arkhiv Zakarpats'koi oblasti -
      Address: 88005, Uzhhorod, vul. Mynais'ka, 14a (korp. 1);
      90200, Beregovo, pl. Heroiv, 4a (korp. 2)
      Tel: (38-0312) 2-35-49, 2-06-10 (korp. 1); (03141) 2-32-10 (korp. 2)
      Fax: 2-35-49

      English version:

    SBU gives free access to information on Ukrainian prisoners of war kept in German concentration camps
    Kyiv Post 30 Sep 2009

      Germany's Saxon Memorials in Memory of Political Terror Victims public union has passed to Ukraine an electronic database on 60,000 World War II Ukrainian prisoners.

      The ceremony of passing the information was conducted in the hall of declassified archives of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) with the participation of SBU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko and German Ambassador to Ukraine Hans-Jurgen Heimsoeth in Kyiv on September 29.

      The electronic database contains personal record cards kept in concentration camps on prisoners of war during World War II. The cards include personal information on the prisoners, in particular, photos, distinguishing marks, information on what camp they were kept in, if they were treated in hospital and other details.

      According to the SBU press center, the information received will be passed to everybody requesting it to find data on relatives who were former Soviet prisoners of war and who were imprisoned in concentration camps in Germany.

    United Kingdom
      There may be records in the Public Record Office at Kew / London about the POW Camp after the end of the war and the resettlement of DPs in Great Britain. See

      National Archives of United Kingdom
      Public Record Office, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.
      Tel: 020 8876 3444, Fax: 020 8392 5286

      Direct gov:

      Ukrainian Brama links in United Kingdom

      The General Secretariat
      The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

        49 Linden Gardens
        Notting Hill Gate
        London W2 4HG
        England UK
        Tel. +44 20 7229 8392
        Fax. +44 20 7792 2499
      We locate and obtain UK (England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) birth, marriage or death certificates:
        James Frank
        BMD Certificates
        2nd Floor
        145-157 St John Street
        London EC1V 4PY
        United Kingdom
      British Red Cross UK Office
        44 Moorfields
        LONDON, EC2Y 9AL UK (International tracing and message services)

      United StatesUS Flag

      United Nations Archives Website

        UNESCO archives portal search listings of all archives in the world

        United Nations Archives
        Archives and Records Centre
        304 East 45th Street
        Ground Floor
        New York, New York 10017
        Fax: 212.963.4414
        Telephone: 212 963-8683; 212 963-8612

        Marleen Buelinckx, Information Management Officer
        Archives and Records Management
        Tel: 212) 963-5442
        Fax: 212) 963-4414

        UN.Archives. Administrative History Box & Folders 1945-1949.pdf - Download .pdf file to your desk for later reading.

        UN website: Click on English

        United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Records, 1943-1950.

          Description: The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) was established in 1943 to take care of the physical needs of war victims in the United Nations countries. Although it ceased operating in 1946, liquidation under an Administrator for Liquidation took until 1949. UNRRA's headquarters were in Washington, D.C., it had a European Regional Office in London and missions and offices in many European, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Latin American countries. More at:

          United Nations Relief & Rehabilition Administration Teams (UNRRA Teams 1945) Bookmark this new site:

          Web site by Miff Crommelin

        International Refugee Organization (IRO),

          temporary agency of the United Nations, established in 1946. In arranging for the care and the repatriation or resettlement of Europeans made homeless by World War II, the organization brought to a conclusion part of the work of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. IRO terminated its work in 1952, having resettled c.1,000,000 persons. It was superseded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

          Book: L. W. Holborn, The International Refugee Organization (1956).

          The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Copyright 1994, 2000, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Columbia University Press. The International Refugee Organization search

      American Red Cross: The Holocaust & War Victims Tracing and Info Center

        4700 Mt. Hope Dr.
        Baltimore, MD 21215-3231
        Tel (410) 764-5311
        Fax (410) 764-4638

      Daughters of the American Revolution

      Center Genealogy Institute - Holocaust Research

      15 W 16th St
      New York, NY 10011

      Inquiries concerning the journal Harvard Ukrainian Studies, please contact Tymish Holowinsky E-mail:

      Library of Congress:

      U S. Immigration & Naturalization Service: The Einwanderungszentrale of Nazi Germany had the complete vital statistics of every foreigner entering into Germany (name, age, place of original, date of entry and two photos (full face and profile). Using these files, the UNNRA and IRO (replacement organization for the UNNRA) categorized, provided medical exams, X-rays, TB and VD, mental and educational exams to determine who was eligible for immigration to the US and distant ports. Genealogist click here for Freedom of Information form G-639. For complete updated instruction, go to their website for information:

      The U.S. Citizenship & Nationalization Services

      This agency will tell you all the camps your parents were in if they entered the US.

      Requesting Freedom of Information Records:

      (1) Place. Records should be requested from the office that maintains the records sought, if known, or from the Headquarters of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, 425 I Street, NW., Washington, DC 20536.

      (2) Manner of requesting records. All Freedom of Information Act requests must be in writing. Requests may be submitted in person or by mail. If a request is made by mail, both the envelope and its contents must be clearly marked: ``FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST'' or ``INFORMATION REQUEST.''

      National Archives (NARA) in College Park, Maryland

      Do a Find displaced persons.

      National Archives at College Park
      8601 Adelphi Rd
      College Park, MD 20740-6001
      Phone for Still Pictures Nara: 301) 837-3530
      Private vendors for reproduction of still photos:

      Archival Research Internatinal 1-800 499 7468
      Do You Graphics Toll free 1-800-418-8344
      King Visual Tecnology 1-800-235-7009

      Shevchenko Scientific Society Library & archives, Catalog

          63 Fourth Ave.
          New York, NY 10003-5200 / USA
          Tel: 212-254-5130 / Fax: 212-254-5239

          The Shevchenko Scientific Society Library and Archives has the following archives dealing with Ukrainian Displaced Person Camps in Austria and Germany:

          1) DP Camp in Cornberg, Germany, 1945-49;
          2) DP Camp "Orlyk" Bertesgaden, Germany, 1945-50;
          3) DP Camps in Germany (Aschaffenburg, Blomberg, Burgdorf, Finssen, Furikschulle-Munchen, Tager-Kaserne, Karlsfeld, Regenburg, Somme-Kaserne) and Austria (Insbruk, Landeck, Salzburg) - documentation is fragmentary and incomplete.

          We also have photographs dealing with various aspects life in DP Camps. If anyone has any documents or papers from this period and would like to contribute them to our existing archives we would be grateful.

          Svitliana Andrushkiw, Director
          Shevchenko Scientific Society Library


      Box 20, file 721. UNNRA and Food for Europe, 1944-1946
      Box 20, file 725. Wartime service, 1942-1944
      Box 34, file 1113. United Nations, 1943-1951

      Western Historical Manuscript Collection
      222 Thomas Jefferson Library
      University of Missouri-St. Louis
      8001 Natural Bridge Rd
      St. Louis, MO 63121

      (314) 516-5143

      United States Comm. for the Care of European Children

      215 Fourth Ave
      New York, NY

      This was the agency who took care of orphaned children admitted under the displaced persons act. I don't know if this address is still current, if it was disbanded or assigned to another agency.


      The National Archives of Venezuela are in Caracas. Founded: 1836
      Address: Avenida Norte 1, Caracas 1010, Distrito Capital, Venezuela
      Phone: +58 212-5095783

      The Germans do keep better records. I had received the records of my in-laws' marriage, holy cow !! it has their parents full names dates of birth, place of birth and marriage. Also received Roman's birth certificate...I have all of their slave labours work cards... I applied for pension for mom. They back paid her from 65 now 82. Judy Hrynenko

      I've just visited your website again and you have done wonders here!! Lots of hard work and determination. You are opening a wealth of information to so many! Bravo Olga, Alexandra T. Gibson

      Dear Olga Kaczmar,
      Thank you for your site. I appreciate the immense work that went to make this an informative and easy to navigate site.
      I have much to learn. Kind regards, Annelie

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