Heilbronn Displaced Persons Camp


At Heilbronn, Germany the UNRRA moved refugees into a building hit just weeks earlier by aerial bombardment. Photo: UNRRA & M. Wyman

City archive: Stadtarchiv
Eichgasse 1 (Deutschhof)
D-74072 Heilbronn
Tel: 0 71 31 - 56 22 90
Fax: 0 71 31 - 56 31 95

10/14/04 Dear Ms. Kaczmar, I am a US-based producer for German television. We are working on a documentary about life in the post-war years in the American zone in southwestern Germany, in cities and towns such as Stuttgart, Ulm, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Pforzheim, etc. I am in search of people who were Displaced Person in the region, and of American officers of the Occupation authorities and UNRRA representatives who were assigned to the area. I would be grateful if you could give me any leads. If I could get replys within 3-4 weeks, that would be great. Best wishes Konrad Ege

Heilbronner Bürgerstiftung in Gründung
c/o Stadt Heilbronn
Marktplatz 7, 74072 Heilbronn

Oberbürgermeister Helmut Himmelsbach
Telefon (07131) 56-20 00
Thomas Frahm
Telefon (07131) 56-28 04

Heilbronn camp. The first camps were usually primitive, and open-air cooking appeared frequently in the early weeks after the war. Photo: American Friends Service Comm. & M. Wyman

2/10/05 Dear Olga,
We lived in a small DP camp in Neckargartach, Heilbronn. I was born in another but have no idea where that is. I have no documentation of my birthplace but it's supposed to be HOHENFELS or HOHENFELD. We left Neckargartach in November 1956 for Canada. I was 10 yrs. old. I am now searching for my roots. I could not find anything on Neckargartach, so far. What a great site! What a huge job! Thank you, Sofia Spage

Note from Olga: See also Neckargatach listing on the N page. Sofia sent us some photos of the camp:

This is the DP camp (where we lived until 1956) in Neckargartach, Heilbronn, taken around 1957/ 1958...it is now a children's playground.

This photo is of the school I went to and when we children were feeling brave, we would take the shortcut by going up the hill behind our barrack's, & take the chance of meeting up with the farmer's German Shepherd dog, which patrolled the fields. I narrowly missed one incident with this dog, but one of the children was badly bitten another time...


All thanks have to go to you Olga, & Elle Andra-Warner in sending me to different site's in my search. Since then I have learned where I was born (Hohenfels, Bavaria). It has been a bitter/sweet search!



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