Orlyk Displaced Persons Camp

    3/15/05 Dear Olga,
    My mother and father were at Orlyk. Below I have sent a copy of a permit issued by the camp administrator. My mother's maiden name was Olga Lawriw and married Paul Wasylewski. Both were born in Ukraine and met at the camp. Their initial destination to re-settle was Canada, but were actually tranported to Australia. It would be interesting to hear from any others that were at the same camp. Regards Peter Wasylewski / Australia

    10/3/04 Hello Olga. This photo is 55+ yrs old:

    Insula DP camp is at the lower left, Orlyk is in right center part. Orlyk had 2,000 Ukrainians. Orlyk barracks were returned to German government. Sincerely, Ventis Plume / Anchorage, Alaska


    My father, Zenon Melnyk, spent time in DP camp Orlyk after the war.  I have a camp permit that was my father's similar to the one above.    I have a couple of other Orlyk-related documents too.

         My father was Ukrainian but born in Poland, in 1925, and while at Orlyk, I think, studied in Munich at a Ukrainian Technical Institute (if that is geographically possible).  But he never finished, and emigrated to England, where he met my mother.  Sadly he died in 1977, without ever having discussed his wartime experiences with me.  As a result, I have several documents and photos about which I know very little, though I'm guessing two or three date to the period at Orlyk. 

        By the way, one of my father's two brothers was a political prisoner at Sachsenhausen.  He survived, however, and migrated first to Belgium and then to the US, where he still lives (in Ohio).

        I'm copying Olga Kaczmar, whose site I was delighted to find, in case she's interested in this tiny sliver of history.

    Sincerely yours,
    Andrew Melnyk
    Andrew Melnyk
    Professor of Philosophy and Chair
    Department of Philosophy
    University of Missouri

    Fax: (573) 884 8949
    Email: MelnykA@missouri.edu

      Dear Olga,
      Here are a few photos of various places in and around Berchtesgaden. I hope these are of interest to others.
      Regards, Peter Wasylewski / Australia

      Insula and Orlyk bird's eye view

      Olga and Anna (on the right), April 1947

      Anna, April 1947

      Paul, Anna and Olga, August 1947

      Paul and Walter, May 1948

      Olga and Walter, 1948

      August 1948

      Anna, Olga and Paul, Sept 1948

      Paul and Peter Wagil

      Anna and Paul, Aug 1949

      Anna and Walter, Sept 1949

      Olga and Paul in Berchtesgaden

      Berchtesgaden S & P Wagil

      CYM Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner Jan. 6, 1949

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