Austrian Slave Camps, H-L

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Slave Labor in Concentration Camps in Austria H-L
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Austrian archives -

The Austrian State Archives has a listing of basic service sheets, enlistment registers, parish registers and war casualties among many other things.
Nottendorfergasse 2-4
A-1030 Wien
Fax number: 43-1-795 40-109

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Innnermanzing - Neustift-Innermanzing is a municipality in the district of Sankt Pölten-Land in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, French zone. Check archives in Innsbruck,

Neustrift is in Krs. Innsbruck,
cc Kdo. of Dachau “SS. Hochgebirgsschule Neustift", established as Innsbuck II on 13.10.42 with 20 prisoners., Kept this strength until 14.4.45.

March 3, 2020 Hello Olga,
Thank you so much for your work you're doing!!! I'm curious to know if you've ever heard of a camp in Innermanzing, Austria? I can't seem to find any reference to a camp there.

My family was German living in Romania prior to WW2 and ended up in Austria for 4 yours during WW2. They say they were in Innermanzing, but I can't find any evidence of a camp there. I also see that their EWZ records show they were in Innermanzing.

Have you seen or heard of a camp there? I would really appreciate any thoughts or feedback you may have.

Don Wuerfel



Kaiserebersdorf, suburb of Vienna, prison: Anstalt fuer Erziehungsbeduerftige, (Kal. f Rjb)

Kapfenberg, Steiermark, Crs. Bruck a.d. Mur, British zone, Civilian workers (Arbeitsworkers) ARB-Lager,

Kaprun, district Zell a See, Lager Tauernsperre, a civilian worker camp in 1942

Klagenfurt, British zone, Klagenfurt Nazi camps were listed under Mauthausen

  • CC Kdo of Mauthausen, code A 6 (from War Crimes Commision) had 80 prisoners on Mar 27 1945; concentration camp code A-7
  • Prison Landgerichtliches Gefangenenhaus (Kal.f.Rjb.) Furthchenstrasse 2. (per BNTB Belgium Tracing Bureau).
  • Kleinmünchen, District of Linz, US zone, concentration camp of Mauthausen Linz III and civilian workers' camp Hermann Goeringwerke, see Linz.

  • Linz - search Kdo. Mauthausen - US zone; 5296 prisoners;
  • Linz I - First mentioned Feb 20, 1943; closed after Mar 27, 1945
  • Linz II - First mentioned April 18, 1944; closed Mar 27, 1945
  • Linx III - First mentioned Dec 12, 1943; closed Mar 17, 1934 Kleinmunchen [little children]- Ebelsberf for H. Goering-werke
  • Arbeitserziehungslager Schoergenhub from August 13, 1943 under the name Arbeitserziehungslager Schoergenhub der Staatspolizeistelle Linz
  • Prison Landgerichtliches Gefangenenhaus
  • CWC civilian workers camp - Herman Goeringwerke
  • Kirchmeyer & Soehne [sons], Kirchgasse 21 [street]

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