Slave Labor in Concentration Camps Austria, R-S

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Slave Labor in Concentration Camps in Austria R-S

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Austrian archives -

Ried -
Salzburg - US zone

Salzburg archives are found on this page:

a) CC Kdo. of Dachau - "Aussenkommando Salzburg" working for the firm Schurich, first mentioned 11.12.42 strength unknown, las mentioned 28.12.42.

b) CC Kdo. of Dacha, "SS Oberabschnitt Alpenland, Zentralbauleitung” first mentioned 22.5.44; strength 5-10 prisoners, last mentioned 14.4.45.

c) CC Kdo. of Dachau “Polizeidirektion Salzburg”, Po. Baracke, Hellbrauner Allee, first mentioned Dec. 44, average strength 90 prisoners, last mentioned 14.4.45.

Prison: Landgerichtiches Gefangenenhaus

Semmering -

Spittal -

Millstatt, Krs. Spittal a.d. Drau, British Zone, Civilian Workers camp Millstaedter See for Italians

Weissensee, Krs. Spittal a.d. Drau, US. zone, CC Kdo of Dachau Aussenkdo. Weissee working for E. Werk Reichsbahndirektion of Meunchen" electrical plant

of the Railway District Munich

-- at the Grossglockner; (VV); average 450 prisoners, closed 1/12/1944.

St. Aegyd - (Russian zone)

St. Poeltes - (Russian zone) - prison

Stein a.d. Donan- (Russian zone) - prison Maennstrafanstalt

Suben -

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