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Steyr DP Camp in Austria

Steyr (Oberösterreich) (Stoyr, Land Upper Austria); U.S. Zone; Artilleriekaserne 251;

City Archive: Stadtarchiv
A-4400 Steyr
Stadtplatz 27
Tel. (07252) [0043 7252] 25711 340

Steyr Castle Library Schlossbibliothek Steyr
Berggase 2
A-4400 Steyr
Tel: +43 (7252) 3253

Many other Steyr links: http://www.theatrelibrary.org/sibmas/idpac/europe/ats009.html#2


Dear Olga,
Your website has been very helpful for finding information about DP camps. My wife was born in 1947 in what has always been called Steier DP Camp near Linz. Is there something standing there to be seen? Are there any records to be found that would list her birth? We hope to visit in the begining of August. Do you think there is something to see? Is there reading material to be had before we get there? Thank you in advance for your help and guidance. Eliezer Langer / Italy

3/15/05 Dear Olga:
I was born in 1941(?) in eastern Russia or Belarus. I was in a DP camp in Austria in 1948 and maybe prior, before emmigrating to Canada. My brother was born in 1947 in a camp near Steyr. My mother's name was Rochela Polasznska (may have several different spellings.) My brother's biological father was Szoel Hersz Popiolek. I would appreciate any information regarding the camp and the occupants as I am trying to piece together my childhood. Thank you. Ann Solomon

Jewish camp police at Steyr DP camp

1945 Verkaufsladen
  121 lagerstrasse
In Steyr, 1945 Verkaufsladen   In Steyr 121 Lagerstrasse (Camp street)

Photos supplied by Klaus Fohringer

source: Virtual Museum of Upper Austria (http://www.ooegeschichte.at/)



July 21, 2017 Hello Olga and Alan -

Steve & Maria
My name is David Kancsar. I am the son of Stephen and Maria Kancsar, who fled Hungary in October 1956 during the Hungarian Uprising. I've lost both my parents in recent years, so I can't ask them the many questions I'd like to ask about their experiences. It wasn't always easy to talk to them about those days while they were alive.

I have but one photograph of my parents taken while they were in a Red Cross refugee camp in Austria. My dream is to visit this exact spot, if it still exists.

The low wooden fencing in the photo seems to suggest that they are somewhere near the location shown here on your website, in Steyr.

However, the large buildings in the nearer and extreme background of the photo seem to suggest the layout of buildings at Saalfelden shown here on your website.

Thank you for curating the amazing treasure trove of information at http://www.dpcamps.org/.

Might I ask for your help in directing me toward someone that might be able to narrow my search? I've been all over the internet, scouring images from Hungary and Austria in late 1956, but I've not had much luck pinning down the exact Red Cross camp my parents were taken to after they crossed into Austria.

Any leads you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

David Kancsar davikan@gmail.com



Dana Szeflan Bell dana@danusiabell.com sent us these photos from Steyr:
B day party Mamusia & I
#1… Niusia Galit’s birthday party, she is the one holding the flowers with bow on her head, I am at the left with white bow and dark dress, Steyr D.P Camp 1947

#2…My mama & me…Steyr 1947
Steyer Annes Birthday Party Class
#3…A birthday celebration I am in the 2nd. Row at the very end in dark dress and white bow Steyr 1947 #4… The Jewish religious school in Steyr “Beis Yakov” I am sitting in the front holding the flowers with a white bow. Steyr 1947
Pa Click to enlarge.
#5…My father Chaim Szeflan in Steyr D.P camp, 1947.  

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