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Dear Olga,

I just returned from a visit to Strueth and other locations in Germany associated with my past.  The pictures of Rangauklinik (present name of former Strueth) that I was able to obtain from the internet did not provide enough details for me to determine how much had been retained from the old Strueth.  It became clear from my visit that the only building that is gone completely is the one between the two dormitory buildings which was used as a kitchen and dining room.  Instead, they constructed a new structure that connects the dormitory buildings and contains offices, conference room, kitchen, dining room, health club, lower level parking, and other common areas.  Also, an addition has been built to the left of the Hashomer dormitory for the sleep disorder department of the clinic.  Of course all the windows have been replaced and so were the old shutters.  The interior of the dormitories has been changed to accommodate more rooms with a bathroom in each of them.  What remained unchanged are the staircases and the building entrances.  The facade and the outer shell of the buildings remained although the walls are painted white and all vegetation around the buildings was replaced with grass.  The beautiful gardens and cherry orchard up front are gone and so is the fruit orchard in the back and to the right of the Dror building.  What used to be the admin and school building front and right of the Dror building remained and, like the other buildings, are mostly unchanged, painted white, and very recognizable and so is the building at the entrance to Strueth. 

 I regret not taking enough pictures as I now realize I did not, but the overwhelming experience was in my way.

Greetings, Josef
Josef Osterweil, Ph.D.

Enclosed, please find pictures of Rangauklinik Sept 2006.


Front of Administration building
gate house
Gate house Streuth
front Dror Building
Front of Dror building
Dr. Hevenga & Mr. Gotz
Dr. Heyenga & Mr. Götz
side building

School side of building

original staircase strueth

Original staircase
original staircase strueth3
Original staircase

new path around woods
The new path around the woods

old bench path
Old bench path

old path thru woods
The old path

rear of Dror Building
Rear of building

Front Entrance


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