DP Camps in Ulm

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Email from people who want to know more:

Someone whose grandfather was at Ulm Displaced Persons Camp sent me the below photos from the camp. My grandparents were at a different DP camp but I thought maybe you could use these photos. Best, Aaron GenealogyKid20@aol.com

Ulm 1 cover
Jewish DP Camp Boelcka camp in Ulm

  Ulm 2 Jidiszerti Title page
Title page
Ulm 3 Gewidmet  

Ulm 4 Intro

ULM 6 Dain
Supply officer Dain B.

  Ulm 7 Supply
Supply office staff

General secretary Committee Reicher J
  Ulm 9 dreszer
Wirszafts leaderr Dreszer M
Ulm 11 Rittel
Camp Leader M. Rittel

  Ulm 12 Beitler
Vice Forzicer E. Beitler
Ulm 13 Szac
Forzicer fun committe M. Szac
  Ulm 14 Awstreich
Administrative Assistant H Awstreich
Ulm 16 IRO
The IRO management
  Ulm 17 Komitet
The camp committee
Ulm 18 Administrative
IRO Adminstration: Grossman L. Awstreich H
and Warman M
  Ulm 19 D1 Komitet
The admistrative committee: Kamer Ch.,
Reicher J., Fejgin M and Kuperszmit M
Ulm 22 Meisel
Welfare officer Meisel H
  Ulm 23 Haznfus
Culture leader Haznfus H.
Ulm 24 Weissleder
Leader of Religion Weissleder M.
  Ullm 25 Welfare
Welfare Office
Ulm 26 Warman
Brass officer Warman I

Ulm 27 Messing
Brass office: Goldstein H., Warman I,
and Wilchfort H

Ulm 29 Messing supply
Brass and Supply office
  Ulm 30 Feigin
Accountants commitee Fejgin M


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