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Raderhorst (British zone)


    1/4/05 Hi Olga,
    I am researching the German D.P. Camps and I seem to be having trouble finding the ones my in-laws were at. They were at Camps Obernzenn and Raitersaich. I have their camps ID numbers and the U.N. team # as well. My husband and I are coming over to Germany and we are hoping we can see something there. My husband was born in the Hospital Camp Obernzenn, Uffenheim, Ansbach. Is there anything that you can help me with? Most appreciate this and thank you, best regards. Valerie

Rastatt, near Baden Baden

    City archives: Stadtarchiv Rastatt
    Herrenstr 11
    76437 Rastatt

    I am trying to determine what camp we were in, found one document dated Nov. 15, 1949 from Malterdingen 266, Kreis Emmendingen, French Zone, another document that appears to be an International Certificate of Smallpox vaccination dated Jan 17, 1950 in Rastatt. Helen Bartkowski

    map showing location of Rastatt

War archives: Kreisarchiv
Postfach 1863
76408 Rastatt
Herrenstrasse 13
76437 Rastatt
Tel: (07222) 381-0
Fax: (07222) 381-248
Contact: Herr Walter



Hello Olga, Jan 27, 2008
My mother, Anna Dunec, was taken from her home in Orihivka, Ukraine in 1943 to work as a slave labourer (Ostarbeiter) in Germany when she was 17. She worked in Homberg (near Duisburg) but escaped after that city was bombed by the Americans in 1944. She made her way with two friends to Kapellen (near Moers) where she found work on a farm with a very good German family who looked after her. (after mum escaped from Duisburg she changed her name to Eugenia Majewska.) She met dad, Mikolaj Ilyk, at Kapellen after the Americans arrived and they were all taken to a camp in Ratingen. They finally emigrated to Australia in 1949 on the Fairsea. Is it possible to get any more information about parent's stay in Germany? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Peter Ilyk ilyk@grapevine.com.au


Rawensburg (French zone); Russian boy scout troops.

Reckenfeld (British zone) has its own page: http://www.dpcamps.org/reckenfeldt.html

Recklinghausen (British zone)

    City archive: Stadtarchiv Recklinghausen (Vestisches Archiv)
    Hohenzollernstrasse 12
    45659 Recklinghausen
    Tel: 0 23 61 - 50 19 02


Regensburg has its own page. Bavaria region, (U.S. zone) Ukrainian; 1,500 Lithuanians transferred from here to Scheinfeld. Russian boy scout troops.

Rehden (British zone)

    Archive: Samtgemeindearchiv Rehden
    Schulstr. 18
    49452 Rehden
    Tel.: (05446) 2090

    Dear Olga,
    I came by chance upon your e-mail and I hope I am not imposing on you. Do you have any documents etc. on the Rehden camp that was in the British Zone ? I was there 1945 - 1950 and would love to find someone else from that time. I am 68 years now and have been living on the island of Bora Bora since 1962. Thank you in advance for your trouble. Kind regards, Erwin Christian Suchard

Reinhardt - Neu Ulm, Ukrainians

Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, (British zone), 209 Ukrainians.

    City archive:Stadtarchiv Remscheid
    Tel: 0 21 91 - 16 - 25 19
    Archivabteilung Stadtgeschichtliche Sammlung
    Cleffstr. 2 - 6
    Archivabteilung Verwaltungsarchiv
    Honsberger Str. 4
    Email: werkzeugmuseum-hiz@str.de
    Web: http://www.remscheid.de/Rathaus/41/41HIZ/41HIZAllgemein/index.htm

    "We continued to guard the DP camps until towards the end of May we received word that the DP's were being repatriated to Russia. They, of course, were overjoyed at beginning their trip home. We were glad for them, but there was a nagging rumor after they had left that they were not going back to their homes in the Ukraine but were to go to camps in Siberia. During the Stalinist regime, the Soviet government did not want anyone who had worked in Germany coming back to their homes. It was a hard world, and I hoped they fared better than that." 1992 Frank P. Downing - The Ruhr area is about 50 x 50 kilometers and comprised dozens of towns.

Rendsburg #1232, Poles, Balts, Schleswig Holstein (British zone),
    Municiple office: Stadt Rendsburg
    Der Bürgermeister
    Am Gymnasium 4
    24768 Rendsburg

    Tel: 04331-2060
    Fax: 04331-206270
    City website: http://www.rendsburg.de/



    Last night I was looking at some online digital records that the ITS has available and came across the ITS list of 963 DP camps. You likel can add it as a link since I know you are still adding camps to your website.

    I checked the DP Camp my father was in (Reutlingen, Germany) and found the ITS had included camp rosters of the DPs at the camp. I was able to find my father on a roster from 14 January 1948.
    I thought you could add the ITS link to your website and give the people a chance to see if they can find themselves or loved ones in the camp rosters. The ITS URL is:


    Tom Sadauskas <saksuadas@gmail.com>

Rheda, 2 camps, #3133, #32/133, Land Niedersachsen (British zone), Poles, Balts, Yugoslavs
    City archives - Stadtarchiv
Rheine, 2 camps, #3157, #31/157, Westphalia (British zone), mostly Poles, Ukrainians, Others
    Historic Rheine website in German: http://tourismus.rheine.de/
    UNRRA Team 317:
    D. A. Bugelli
    F. Goldsby
    L. Bougard
    P. Kroll
    O. J. Paterson
    E. Paneth
    E. G. Christianson Jierzaic
    M. Dargoud - Dr.
    J. Baldy - Dr.
    Dear Olga,
    I have spent a great deal of time looking at your website and find it heart breaking and interesting. I have looked everywhere for a reference to a United Nations Refugee Camp by the name of Riwfussuerorswin in Germany. Have you ever heard of it or have I spelt it wrong? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you Mary Toma / Australia; Polish
Rolstorf / Müsson / Muesson, #1233, Schleswig Holstein (British zone)


    City archive - Stadtarchiv
    Address: Stadtarchiv Rosenheim, Max-Bram-Platz 2A, 83022 Rosenheim, Tel.: 08031/36-1439, or

    Stadtarchiv Rosenheim
    Reichenbachstr. 1a
    83022 Rosenheim
    Tel: 0 80 31 - 36 14 39
    Fax: 0 80 31 - 36 20 16

    Muniple address:
    Bundespolizeiabteilung Rosenheim
    Burgfriedstrasse 34
    83024 Rosenheim

    Tel: 08031 8068-0
    Fax: 08031 8068-163
    URl: http://www.bundespolizei.de/nn_266294/DE/BPOLP__Sued/Abteilungen/Rosenheim/rosenheim__node.html?__nnn=true

    United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Archives Record Group: PAG 4 Box 25: Area Team 1069: Rosenheim

    8/2/07 Hi Olga, I received a response from the Rosenheim archives, they basically have said what my research found also. It sounds like the Rosenheim camp was called Pionier Kaserne and is now a training center for the border police. If anyone has any information, please contact me. Hopefully, Lisa Kirk lisa@dyane.com

    Dear Olga,
    I have just been perusing some of your dpcamps.org website. Very impressive! You have and are doing remarkable work for which you are to be commended with highest accolades. If anyone knows the names of the Rosenheim dp camp or more information about the pilfering problems with the IRO, I hope you will share. Click on the above Rosenheim link for my story. Sincerely, F. Randall Waltz, III

    Ms. Kaczmar,
    My father came from the Azerbaijan region, formerly the USSR, where his parents (and any family member) were killed during Stalins purges circa 1928. He escaped. He was five years old. Orphaned he lived with a woman alleged to be his grandmother. Around '38 or '39 he escaped out of Russia with a Jewish family (my dad was born Moslem) into Poland and what I presume an area that came under the control of the Nazis. My father survived torture, beatings and slave labor under Hitler. He did not speak much of his experiences, but I know he was moved around at various Dachau sub-camps until liberated by the Americans, eventually learning to cook and working at a base in Germany. The Red Cross Tracing Service has amazingly discovered that he was kept at Rosenheim, and presumably worked at or around a BMW plant at Stephankirchen. I want to be able to chronicle his incredible odyssey for his sons and grandchildren and for generations to come. If you could shed any light on Rosenheim or ANYTHING that might relate to his plight I would be forever grateful. His name was Nikolaj (or Nick) Abbay (or Abbaj) Born 1923. Captured 1939. Liberated 1945. He passed away in 1984. He was a good man. Peter Abbay Phone (323)462-6445; Thank you again for your time and kind attention.

Rotenburg Soltau, #240, (British zone)

Rothschild Hospital (US zone), Jews


    Rothenburg Tourismus Service/Tourist Office
    91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber
    Tel: ++49-9861-404-800
    Fax: ++49-9861-404-529
    EMail: info@rothenburg.de
    http://www.rothenburg.de, click on English version

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber photographed in 1945 after bombing. . . . . Municiple offices

Rottenburg, Ukrainians

Rotwesten (US zone); Russian boy scout troops

Roxel (British zone)

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