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in Germany

Reckenfeld is a suburb of Greven. #3158, #31/158, N. Rhine-Westphalia; (British zone), Poles, Ukrainians

Contact: Stadtarchiv Greven (Town archives of Greven)
Rathausstr. 6
D-48268 Greven, Germany
Archives are in Greven:

After World War II, Greven and Reckenfeld housed up to 10,000 displaced persons in two DP camps from 1945-1949/50. Known as the 'largest village in the region of Muenster'. Muenster website:

My father, Aleksander Markus, and his mother, Janina Markus, both of Poland, were registered in Reckenfeld in 1945. If anyone has any information about this camp, please write Mark Norek

9/2/07 Hello  Olga Kaczmar,
Many thanks for your website. I would like also to find out at which farmers my parents worked. They were in 129 DPACS  Reckenfeld. Would you please be kind enough to explain to me what this?  -  I would also like to hear from anyone  who else was at  this  place.    Hoping you can help me.
Regards, and many thanks, Anka  Kowalczyk

Anka is sharing her photos with us. You can click on the photos to enlarge, and find yourself or your parents in these pictures. We welcome you to submit your archived photos to share.


Hallo again Olga,

Both my parents were in Labour  Camps  -  my  mother  was  taken off the  streets  of Poland and put into cattle truck and taken to Germany. My father apparently  since  1940 was in labour camp.

The  Reckenfeld page is  absolutely super – My husband and I cannot wipe away our tears – we are just overwhelmed  with  emotion.

My husband and I can truly say that we are soul mates. His parents lost  two children in Germany in 1948 - I have photo of his father at cemetary - I am not sure where they are taken could be main one you mention.    
Hugs and Kisses from Anka Kowalczyk.

    Reckenfeldt children 1a
      Reckenfeldt children 1b
    Kindergarden childen in the Polish sector.  

    In this photo is priest  - Ks.  Franciszek  Kozonek - I think this is how his name  is  spelled. My mother told me he is my Godfather, because I nearly  died while in Ahlen hospital. I was baptized in a hurry  at this  hospital–apparently I had a tube attached to me giving my blood  to save a German baby.  My mother told me the story that she was very panic stricken and started screaming so it was  stopped. This she believes saved my life.

    ALSO in this photo is my husband Tomasz Adamcewicz  (fourth boy  left side in back row) with hand in mouth and the  third little boy on left back row is his  brother Mieczyslaw Adamcewicz.   I am the little girl shy  girl  with long  hair (and hair roll on top of head) left side nearly in front row.   

    Reckenfeldt children 2a   Reckenfeldt children 2b
    My father (in the center) and 3 other men at the Reckenfeld altar in the Polish sector.   My parents, Zofia and Bronislaw) with me in the pram (stroller).
    Reckenfeldt children 2c   Reckenfeldt children 2d
    This is me, Anka. My first steps.   The picture of me as baby  and  Leo  -   I  think  his  surname  is   Grezl.      
    My mother told me many years ago  that  we  were inseparable and
    wouldn't  eat if we were not fed together  from  same  spoon.
    Reckenfeldt priest 1a   Reckenfeldt priest  1b
    Reckenfeld altar in Polish sector.   Priest
    Reckenfeldt priest 1c    
    Ks.  Franciszek  Kozonek  is on the left. He is looking at us. I think the priest holding his cap is Ks. Kuczmanski.    
    Baby adam memorial 2   Baby Adam memorial stone

    We believe this to be the first baby that died - I will have to write to Germany for more

    Baby Jerzy Adamcewicz - GERMANY - Somewhere.jpg

      Baby Jan Adamcewicz born in 1948- Somewhere in Ge. This little brother only lived for 2 days NEVER FORGOTTON - NEVER FORGIVEN

    Always REMEMBERED when the word GERMANY is spoken. I am planning a HEALING JOURNEY to Germany - and hopefully these two little graves are in Cemetary that you wrote about - I will search it out further because at the present I do not remember the name you mention of this Cemetary - some kind person may even right and tell me that these still exis

    On 8/26/09

     I would like to post a picture of my grandfather (Josef ??) who was at the Reckenfeld camp sometime in 1945 along w/ my grandmother, Karolina Plesnar.  Karolina was a cook at tPlesnarhe camp. They are both of Polish decent.  They were never married, but had a child named Kazimerz Joseph Plesnar, who is my father.  He never knew his father as he was sent to a camp somewhere in Russia soon after my father was born.     Kazimerz and Karolina came to the USA in 1951.

    Here is the only photo I have of my grandfather. At this time his last name is unknown. I do believe it starts with an S.  However, my (babjci) Karolina was reluctant to provide the information I need to research my ancestry. She has since passed.

    Tammy Marie Lowell (Plesnar)


    Sep 30, 2015 Hello Ms. Kaczmar,

    On behalf of a friend, I am trying to locate information about the Reckenfeld displaced persons camp. My friend believes that her father was administrator of the camp for a time, and she had a brother and sister who died there.

    Can you help me find information about the camp? Specifically, do records still exist for it? Was there a cemetery for the camp? If so, is it still possible to find/visit the cemetery?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    John W. Flora

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