Malkowice [Polish], Malkowiczi, Malkowi, Malkovi [Ukrainian], - 1945

The Poles transcribed the Ukrainian Ч symbol as cz.

This village was in Austria; now it's in Poland because the borders changed after WWI


Rubrae Pars - Fragment of Ukrainian region in 1650. Malkowicz was near Przemisl/ PrzemslFragment of Map

Malkowice village map of homes; April 18, 1945Malkowice Malkowiczi map

Malkowice residents in 1945; page 221Malkowice Malkowiczi residents 1945

This info came from a book about Malkowicz [Knushka pro Malkovuchi]

Malkowicz [Polish], Malkowiczi Malkovyczi [Ukrainian], a town near Przemysl in Poland of Ukrainian ancestry. The book is in Ukrainian text with black and white photos; 925 pages. Index of surnames is in the rear.


ISBN 978 966 397 202 2, by Olena Padovska, Lviv 2013

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Malkowicz residents had an event to remember Malkowicz 1945. Here the poster - Click to enlarge each box.
Commemoration 1
Commemoration 2
Commemoration 3
Commemoration 3

This is the birth place of my father, John Kaczmar. If you have any more info, please contact me and I will add to this page.


8/17/2021 I'm Michael Andruch V.

Michael Andruch is my great grandfather. He was the son of Mary and Pawel and was born in the village of Malkowice on February 22, 1891. His wife was Katherine Iliczek, also from Makowice.

He arrived in New York on December 6, 1909 and Katherine arrived sometime in 1913. Michael had siblings that also came to the US and Canada. Piotr came to the US in 1904, Stephan came to the US in 1907 and then to Canada in 1914 and Katrine came to the US in 1914. He was of medium height and build and had blue eyes and brown hair according to his US WWI Draft Registration Card from June 5th 1917. At that time he worked for the Wilson Co. Stock Yards as a laborer.

Michael and Katherine had three children. Michael Jr., Paul and Antonina. The entire family left the US sometime after 1920 to return to Malkowice. It is unknown why they left. On July 22, 1931, Michael Jr. returned to the US, alone, at the age of 19. Paul and Antonina were captured by the Germans and placed in labor camps. Their German post war documents were found at

The entire family was resettled to Rodatychi, a village in the Lvivska oblast, during Operation Vistula. Michael Andruch Jr and my grandmother Nettie visited the family in the late 1970's. I'm in contact with extended family who still reside in Rodatychi. Michael Andruch died in 1978 in Rodatychi at the age of 87.

Andruch line:
Iwan Andruchowski 1770-1810
Michael Andruch 1808-1871
Pawel Andruch
Pawel Andruch 1862-
Michael Andruch 1891-1978
Michael Andruch Jr 1916-1991
Michael Andruch III
Michael Andruch IV
Michael Andruch V

My great grandparents in USA   My family portait: my great grandparents and my grandfather, Michael in the middle, Paul and Antonia. USA
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Paul Andruch 1975 & Katerina Hrihorivna 2001 in Rodatychi   Andruch Michael 1978 & Katerina 1971 in Rodatychi
The soldiers are thought to be relatives (1930s)   Most likely my great grandmother's brother.
andruch group   horses.farmwagon
Andruch group photo: grandparents visiting the family in Rodatychi   Paul and his wife in Malkowice


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